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Dark Romance Delight

Dark Romance Delight

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Welcome to Fancipress Nails ✨
Discover our 100% handmade press-on nails, with all photos showcasing the actual products.

Discover our exquisite press-on nails adorned with delicate butterfly and star motifs. When your hands come together, watch as the butterflies take flight, leaving behind a trail of whispers.

💅 Press-On Nail Details:
· Size: XS/S/M/L (Please refer to our sizing page for more info)
· Shape: Medium Coffin

💖 Handmade Variation:
As our press-on nails are handmade, there might be slight variations. Rest assured, we strive to make them perfect for you!

✉️ Connect with Us:
Instagram & TikTok: @fancipress_nails

Thank you for supporting our small business, and enjoy your new nail set 🤍
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